BETTING STRATEGY CHALLENGE! @Beyond Blackjack vs @Debbie Loves Slots

BETTING STRATEGY CHALLENGE! @Beyond Blackjack vs @Debbie Loves Slots

Today we pit Martingale vs Stack Betting! Watch My Other Videos Here:
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Blackjack 2-Deck Basic Strategy

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GREEN = $25
BLACK = $100
PURPLE = $500


About Me

My name is Scott, and I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. I have been playing in casinos for many years, and enjoy almost every game they offer. In fact, at one time I used to be a casino dealer, and that’s when I learned to play Blackjack and all of the “carnival” games.

From time to time I will have friends and other YouTube creators join me on my quest to “break the bank!” I don’t usually bet the side bets because most of them have really bad odds for the player. Occasionally you’ll see me or my fellow Bank Breakers playing the side bets, but it’s done just to make the videos more interesting, and not because we feel like they’re “good bets”.

I release three full videos every week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I also occasionally will release some #shorts and just for fun videos. If you have any suggestions on videos or games to play, let us know! As of right now, we’re only releasing videos of slots and these table games:

1️⃣ Blackjack
2️⃣ Three Card Poker
3️⃣ Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em
4️⃣ Pai-Gow Poker
5️⃣ Craps
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I like to play table games and slot machines at the casino. You’ll always catch me trying to BREAK THE BANK!

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These videos are intended for 18+ only. If you have an addiction to gambling, please seek help. Know your limits and use a predetermined budget only. Help can be found at 1-800-GAMBLER or

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