How to get free website traffic

free website traffic

One of the most common questions set by website owners these days is how and where to get free website traffic. In this article, I will show you one of the most effective methods for free website traffic which still works today. It’s a simple 3 step process.

So we’re going to focus on getting you free traffic, the kind with the most profits if you are doing right. Here’s your first shortcut to get instant exposure, high search engine rankings, and free traffic fast. We call this the free ride shortcut. It works in all niches you can think of. There are high traffic sites out there that have just the people that you want for your visitors. When you follow these simple steps, you can get a free ride on those high traffic sites. The free ride will get you instant exposure and free website traffic. 

Free ride for free website traffic

Here is how to use the free ride shortcut to get as much effect as possible. 

1. Make keywords list

Step one is to make a big list of all the keywords related to your website. There are also known as search terms that are pertinent to your niche.

2. Search keywords in search engines

What you are going to do now is search each of those keywords in Google, Bing and Yahoo. From the top 10 results on each search engine copy down the sites where you can post a message right now. You want to list blogs, forum sites and QA sites like Quora. This list is base for your free online marketing. 

You already know that those big search engines are sending daily traffic in your niche to these exact websites. If they are on the front page of search engines they are quality websites with a lot of traffic. Whatsmore, you know the links on these sites are high quality because they already have top rankings in the search engines and they can get you lots of free website traffic. 

3. Write a message or comment

All you need to do now is put a short message on these sites about what they can get on your site. Make sure that your comments or messages don’t get too spammy. Therefore you have to make sure you know what the sites are actually about. Don’t just write some random text. Make sure that your comments or messages don’t get too spammy. For example, if your site is about weight loss, you could say: “I always had troubles with my weight too, but I finally found the system that worked for me and my friends on this site. Maybe this info benefit someone”. And you just put in the link to your own site there.  

Not only free website traffic but also long term benefits

In this way, you get instant exposure, great backlinks and you get free website traffic. And all this just by putting a quick message on these sites. You get two huge benefits from getting mentioned on these targeted high traffic sites. Benefit number one is instant exposure. These sites have a lot of visitors every day, so your site can be seen by a big audience as soon your link will be on them. 

Benefit number two is high-quality backlinks. They are links from other sites to your site or a big part of how the search engines rank each webpage. When you have more links, you generally win the ranking battle and start getting free organic traffic. Mabey you think that creating the keyword list is a lot of work and effort. Also doing alt the searches and copying down all the top sites. But if you do it, however, you’ll definitely get good short term and also long term results. 

How to get free website traffic

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