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Mr Beast to play on Hustler live stream

The biggest YouTuber on the planet is going to be playing high stakes cash this Sunday.

Poker needs a shot in the arm right now and this certainly could be that. The biggest YouTuber in the world, Mr Beast, is set to play a $100/$200 No Limit Cash game on the Hustler Casino live stream this Sunday. 

Mr Beast is known in poker circles and has been seen playing in private games with Phil Hellmuth. He will be joined by fellow YouTuber Ludwig and a yet undisclosed line-up of professionals.

You can bookmark the video for the live stream below:

Who is Mr Beast?

If you are unfamiliar with him, Mr Beast is a 23-year-old YouTube star with over 164 million combined subscribers. 

He is known for particularly eloborate stunts on his channel, most notably constructing a real life version of Squid Game which more people watched than the actual show it was parodying. 

He has billions of views on his channel and rumoured to be a billionaire. There is, therefore, a very good chance that the Hustler stream or some supplementary content around it has the potential to be the most watched poker video of all time by default.  

Or it could be a one off bit of fun that doesn’t go anywhere, as these celebrity poker ventures often don’t. Either way it will be one to watch this weekend for sure, perhaps just to see which professionals manage to worm their way into the game. 

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Barry Carter

Barry Carter

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