Phil Galfond still looking for heads-up opponents

Phil Galfond still looking for heads-up opponents

It seems nobody wants to be the next victim in the Galfond Challenge so Phil is opening it up to No Limit opponents.

Despite the fact that he spends most of his time running his businesses and not playing huge poker sessions, it seems nobody wants to give Phil Galfond action. He took to Twitter and YouTube this week to once again lay down the gauntlet and say he is willing to take on most comers. 

Given nobody wants to challenge him at PLO he has stated he is willing to try his hand at No Limit, despite being essentially retired from it for about 15 years. He won’t take on some of the best in the world but is willing to challenge a notable professional if the terms are met. 

Was asked about the Galfond Challenge in today’s vid. Cliffs:

Those willing to play big on NV/NJ

PLO – Will still play anybody.
NL/PLO or NL: Gimme ~2 mo to learn & I’ll play more people than you think (not everyone 🙂). Try me!

— Phil Galfond (@PhilGalfond) March 29, 2022

Other than one of the shakiest starts ever in his match with Venividi where Galfond almost quit, Phil has dominated all his challenges so far. He has won four of four completed matches and is leading his match against Bill Perkins. There is also a match against Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates set to happen. 





Chance Kornuth

Phil Galfond


$726,500 + $250,000 side bet

Bill Perkins

TBD (Phil is winning so far)

862 (of 50,000)

$90,144 (so far)


Phil Galfond


€1,671 + €100,000 side bet


Phil Galfond


$114,765 + $150,000 side bet



0 of 7,500


Brandon Adams

Phil Galfond

2,900 (0f 10,000, Adams conceded)

$295,000 + $100,000 side bet

Who would be the ideal next opponent for Phil? The obvious two seem to be Doug Polk, who is semi retired but still making challenges to people, and Daniel Negreanu who has recently transformed his No Limit game and probably looking to redeem his online grudge match game. Even though he hasn’t played No Limit properly for over a decade, everyone saw how well he adjusted and adapted in his previous PLO matches, meaning few serious players would ever want to bet against Galfond. 

Who would you like to see Phil Galfond challenge? Let us know in the comments:

Barry Carter

Barry Carter

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