The best memes and clips from the Hustler stream

The best memes and clips from the Hustler stream

There were lots of laughs during the record breaking Hustler stream, we captured some of the biggest ones of the week.

Hand of the year?

Still can’t believe this happened last night… @phil_hellmuth

— Ninja (@Ninja) May 2, 2022

Losing $1.1 million with class

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Losing $96k with no class at all

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Tom Dwan is all of us

@TomDwan ‘s reaction though. 😂😂😂

— Jonty Willis (@jonty_willis) May 2, 2022

Same vibe

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Granda Hellmuth

Hellmuth should have rocked up to this game dressed like this

— Barry Carter (@Barry_Carter) May 2, 2022

We sent the wrong guy

“Ok guys. We can overcome this cheating scandal, just a bad week for poker PR. Let’s get out there and show people this industry is fair and welcoming.”

Hellmuth: I’m on it!!

— Marle Spragg (@MarleSpragg) May 2, 2022

Ninja’s memelords

do you like it

— Matt (@Kawasaki776) May 2, 2022

How the stream ended for all the new US viewers

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Barry Carter

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