Top 5 Most Surprising Blackjack Facts

Top 5 Most Surprising Blackjack Facts

Betdesy is here with yet another awesome Top 5 Most Surprising Blackjack Facts!
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1. The name ‘Blackjack’ was coined by American casinos. Originally, if you drew the Ace of Spades along with either the Jack of Spades or the Jack of Clubs, this was referred to as a ‘Blackjack’, and entitled you to a payout of 10 to 1.

2. French players often refer to Blackjack as Vingt-et-un. A Spanish version, Ventiuna, is referred to as early as 1602, in a book by Miguel de Cervantes (most famous for Don Quixote).

3. The ‘shoe’ that is used to store cards in baccarat originated in Cuba in the 1950s. Many of the Cuban dealers were very poor, and casino owners suspected they were susceptible to cheating – particularly through slipping players a lucky card or two in return for a generous tip.

4. The year 2000 saw the launch of the first Continuous Shuffling Machine (CSM). Known as ‘The King’, devices like this one became widespread as casino bosses looked to repel card counters.

5. New cards often aren’t truly random. The 10-point cards will be grouped together in each pack, and one shuffle isn’t enough to completely break up this arrangement.