Watch Barry Carter get schooled on multiway pots

Watch Barry Carter get schooled on multiway pots

Dara and David from The Chip Race double team our editor with advice on how he should play in pots with several opponents.

Solvers can teach you a lot of things about heads-up pots, but it gets a lot more complicated in multiway spots. As such they often require a bit more creativity and reads become more important. 

In this new video our friends at the Unibet sponsored Chip Race Podcast, Dara O’Kearney and David Lappin, coach our editor BarryCarter on multi-way pots. 

They look at some hands Barry picked out for further review and also to discuss some useful heuristics to employ in family pots. 

In this video you can expect to see:

How to play AA in multiway pots

What to do with flopped quads against three players?

Hitting straights when there is a potential flush out there

How to play 2nd pair on a dry board

Analysis using PokerSnowie

Once again, our editor’s leaks might be your leaks too and this is a useful video for players of any level to think about multiway spots in tournaments. 

New Daily Specials at Unibet

With the brand-new Daily Specials, Unibet has announced an exciting new promotion available throughout the entire year, aiming to further enhance the experience for their players every single day of the week.

The Daily Specials are available every day of the week, with every single day featuring a unique special promotion with its own theme covering most of the most popular game types and formats on offer at Unibet, including cash games, MTTs, Jackpot SNGs, and their fast-paced short-stacked Banzai games.

For instance, the new Bubble Bursters on Tuesdays we’ve recently introduced, are part of these new Daily Specials, with Unibet aiming to add lots of value to the daily endeavours of regular players frequenting their games on the one hand, but also looking to introduce them to other games and formats they usually wouldn’t consider on the other.

We’ll introduce all of the new Daily Specials with all the details on them in the weeks to come, while our initial overview offers a broader view on what you can expect every single day of the week at Unibet from here on out:

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The new Daily Specials at Unibet



Key Details

Extra Prize


Short-Stack Master

Build the biggest stack in a day at the PLO50 tables, starting at only 10-20BB!

Custom Avatar & €50 Cash Game Ticket


Bubbler Burster

Win up to 1,000x your buy-in in three special MTTs running at a €1, €5, or €10 buy-in.

Up to €10,000


Wild Wednesday

Special €1 and €2 rebuy tournaments, with unlimited rebuys and each one costing only a quarter of the initial buy-in.

Custom Avatar


Deep-Stack Legend

Build the biggest stack in a day at the NL10 tables, starting at 500-1,000BB!

Unique Avatar & €100 Cash Game Ticket


Banzai Bonanza

Earn points for flops seen at the €1, €5, €20, and €50 stakes and rank among the Top 5 point earners of the day.

Cash Prizes of €10 to €100


HexaPro Extreme

The 100x HexaPro jackpot increases to 125x and is 40-times more likely to be hit than usual!


Stellar Sunday

Five stellar tournaments with a sixth special edition added on the first Sunday of each month, with GTDs of up to €40,000.

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