Yggdrasil owner Fredrik Elmqvist hands over helm to new CEO Björn Krantz

Yggdrasil owner Fredrik Elmqvist hands over helm to new CEO Björn Krantz

Björn Krantz has been appointed new CEO of Yggdrasil, effective as of today, April 21, the iGaming company announced in a statement. Together with the company’s senior management team, the seasoned executive is set to lead the business into “its next exciting growth and globalization phase.” The executive will be taking the helm from founder Fredrik Elmqvist, who will continue working with the company.

Krantz brings over 12 years of C-level experience in the industry, a press release says. The executive was previously with gaming solutions giant NetEnt for a decade before he joined Yggdrasil as Head of Publishing Division in January 2020. Most recently, he acted as Chief of Global Market Operations for the provider of online gaming solutions.

“Björn is well known to the industry as his delivery track record is amazing and he has been a successful executive leader in rapid global growth environments for a very long time,” said Elmqvist. “In the past two years, Björn has been heavily involved in shaping and building Yggdrasil’s global market operations, as well as being a key contributor to the company’s growth strategy and execution planning.”

The Yggdrasil founder further said the time is now ripe “to execute on this transition,” and said it is a great day for the Board, himself and the entire company “to see Björn take over the helm” of the business.

“I am confident that he will do great in propelling the business forward and take it to the next level,” concluded Elmqvist. “I will have the pleasure to continue working with Björn, through a more active Board assignment, and will also provide my advisory knowledge in the best possible way to support the continued success of the company and its strategy.”

“It’s with great humbleness I am taking over as CEO after Fredrik,” commented Krantz, the company’s new CEO. “I have enormous respect for the history, company legacy and its awesome culture. It’s all about the people and building strong and winning teams, and it’s a great pleasure for me to have such talented and motivated people around me every single day.”

Krantz said the company has “a clear strategy” going forward and, that together with the rest of the management team, he looks forward to delivering on Yggdrasil’s global growth ambitions and “to further strengthen our position as the leading iGaming publisher and premium global iGaming solutions provider.”

“It will be a pleasure for me to continue working with Fredrik as a close ally and use him as a strategic soundboard as we enter the next phase of the company strategy implementation,” further said the new chief executive.